Saturday, February 9, 2008

Star Fruit adds Exotic Thrill to Winter Romance

Juicy yellow organic Star Fruit on a romantic pink satin background.
Tired of chocolate covered strawberries on Valentine's day? Need a vacation from the same old fruit? Get out of your winter romance fruit rut with exotic Star Fruit. Delicious, healthy, and seasonal in winter months, star fruit is an exciting addition to any meal.

Preparing a fresh Star Fruit is simple, much like cleaning an orange. Fresh, uncut Star Fruit looks like an American football with fins. Holding the Star Fruit firmly upright, gently trim the brown edges off each ridge. Cut off the end of the Star Fruit where the stem is located. Now we are ready to slice the Star Fruit. Slicing it will yield about three star-shaped pieces of fruit. The last preparation step is to remove the seeds. They are larger in size but about the same color as apple seeds. They will be located near the center of each slice where the “arms” of the fruit begin to radiate outward.

Star Fruit can be used in many ways and in a wide variety of dishes. It makes the perfect exotic topping to any cake or pie. Star Fruit is equally at home in salads or drizzled with dessert sauces. Here are suggestions for ways to serve Star Fruit for your next romantic meal:

  • On a bed of whipped cream, topped with caramel sauce
  • The focal piece in a mixed green salad with raspberry vinaigrette
  • Shared plain with your sweetie, accompanied by champagne or a favorite beverage
  • As part of an exotic fruit punch or sangria
  • Roasted on a grill like sliced pineapple and served as a side dish
Do you have a favorite method or recipe for Star Fruit? I want to hear about it!